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AMC’s catalogue features high-quality cookware manufactured from the finest stainless steel.

Established in 2018, we are a distributor of AMC cookware and offer their products all across Namibia. Check out our latest AMC specials here.

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You certainly won’t be disappointed with your cookware! We receive messages every month from customers who have been using AMC cookware for more than 50 years!

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Cookware Handles

Ergonomically designed handles give a good grip, allowing for easy handling and carrying. Cookware with these handles can also be used in the oven for finishing off a meal or grilling.


Versatile Lid

A perfect-fit, weighted lid creates a water tight seal during the cooking process. The lid also has non-drip design capturing moisture that has collected on its inside surface. When reversed, the lid becomes a stable serving base for your meal.


Non-Drip Rim

AMC Cookware features a narrow design rim that impact-resistant and designed to pour liquids witout dripping.


Akkutherm Base

The AMC Akkutherm base ensures perfect heat distribution and retention eliminating "hot-spots" and the need for a hotplate when serving AMC Cookware is als o suitable for use on induction stoves.


Mono-Cooling Sides

The sides of AMC unites are a single layer of stainless steel that play a key role during the cooking process as "cooling zones", keeping the cooking temperature just below boiling point and allowing food to cook gently.



The AMC lid knob has a built-in-thermometer called the Visiotherm. It enables a gentle cooking process that requires less water, fats and oil. The finger guard design protects fingers against a hot lid.

the AMC way

A new way to cook

The AMC way is a method that encourages you to use medium to low temperatures when cooking. These lower temperatures combined with the design of AMC cookware allow you to utilise the natural fats and moisture present in your food when cooking. This gentler cooking process means :

  • no need to add extra fat or moisture.
  • it saves power.
  • it helps prevent you from overheating your food.

There are 2 basics methods :

Preheating empty cookware and fry when ideal temparature has been reached.

Start to cook in a cool cookware and heating the food and the cookware together

frequently asked questions

our customer's FAQs

AMC Cookware is manufactured from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The high heat tolerance and non-porous attributes make stainless steel a superior metal for cooking. In addition, high-quality stainless steel is much easier to clean than your casual cookingware.

Cooking food the “AMC way” is based on a fat-free and waterless cooking concept. AMC cookware is high quality, 18/10 stainless steel cookware with unique design features that contribute to a healthier way of eating cooked food.

The ” AMC Cooking Way” will:

  • Ensure a more significant retention of nutrients in food with our waterless cooking method. As a result, food is more tasty when cooked in AMC cookware as more of the natural goodness and taste are conserved.
  • Reduce the damage done by high temperatures on nutrients in food by cooking with a gentle process. AMC cookware takes away the need to heat your pots and pans to high temperatures as it is done with casual cookingware.
  • Reduce fats and salt in your diet by requiring less of these during the cooking process, improving your diet as a whole.

The AMC catalogue includes the following:

Kitchenware including baking tins, kettles, kinves, steamers, pasta makers and more!
Servingware including salad bowls, serving trays, serving platters & cutlery.
Cookware including gourmets, frying pans, electroroasts & speedcookers.
Accesories including sealing rings, handle sets, visiotherms, graters, aprons & cookbooks.

AMC lid knobs have a built-in thermometer called the Visiotherm® which is an essential and unique part of AMC cookware. It provides a visual indication of the temperature during cooking, ensuring that the food is cooked at optimal temperatures. In addition, the lid knob features a finger guard making it safe and easy to lift a hot lid during cooking. We don’t want you to burn your hands after all!

Heat settings vary consierably between convection stoves as well as induction an gas. Usually for a convection stove we recommend that your temperature be at half the full heat setting, plus or minus for a medium heat. As a guideline, if your food burns on this temperature, reduce heat further. Also, it should take between 5 – 10 minutes to preheat your cookware on this temperature. Your low heat setting is usually 1. With gas stoves, the flame should just be touching the base on medium. An on the AMC Flux (our induction cooker) P5 is usually used for medium and P2 or P1 for low. 

Determine whether the ingredients you’re using have enough fat or moisture already. Anything crumbed or in a batter will always need a little oil for frying or baking. Food like chops, chicken portions or bacon are fattier cuts and won’t need extra oil for frying. Also when frying or sauting veg such as onions, carrots, green beans etc. You do not need to add oil. 

Mixed veggies generally have plenty of moisture in them, and require only a rinse under the tap to aid the cooking process. Hiwever veg like potatoes, gem squash, beetroot or mielies cooked on their own will need a small amount of water, about 50 – 100ml. Food like rice, samp, pasta or phutu will always require water when cooking. 

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