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AMC’s catalogue features high-quality cookware manufactured from the finest stainless steel.

Established in 2018, we are a distributor of AMC cookware and offer their products all across Namibia. Check out our latest AMC specials here.

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You certainly won’t be disappointed with your cookware! We receive messages every month from customers who have been using AMC cookware for more than 50 years!

Make use of the interest-free monthly instalment option to pay off your cookware on flexible terms.

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AMC Cookware is manufactured from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. The high heat tolerance and non-porous attributes make stainless steel a superior metal for cooking. In addition, high-quality stainless steel is much easier to clean than your casual cookingware.

Cooking food the “AMC way” is based on a fat-free and waterless cooking concept. AMC cookware is high quality, 18/10 stainless steel cookware with unique design features that contribute to a healthier way of eating cooked food.

The ” AMC Cooking Way” will:

  • Ensure a more significant retention of nutrients in food with our waterless cooking method. As a result, food is more tasty when cooked in AMC cookware as more of the natural goodness and taste are conserved.
  • Reduce the damage done by high temperatures on nutrients in food by cooking with a gentle process. AMC cookware takes away the need to heat your pots and pans to high temperatures as it is done with casual cookingware.
  • Reduce fats and salt in your diet by requiring less of these during the cooking process, improving your diet as a whole.

The AMC catalogue includes the following:

Kitchenware including baking tins, kettles, kinves, steamers, pasta makers and more!
Servingware including salad bowls, serving trays, serving platters & cutlery.
Cookware including gourmets, frying pans, electroroasts & speedcookers.
Accesories including sealing rings, handle sets, visiotherms, graters, aprons & cookbooks.

AMC lid knobs have a built-in thermometer called the Visiotherm® which is an essential and unique part of AMC cookware. It provides a visual indication of the temperature during cooking, ensuring that the food is cooked at optimal temperatures. In addition, the lid knob features a finger guard making it safe and easy to lift a hot lid during cooking. We don’t want you to burn your hands after all!

The latest specials

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Pasta Combo

24cm Gourmet Gigant
24cm Pasta Maker
30cm Salad Server

from N$302.71 per month


Get a FREE 24cm Salad Bowl after the cookware is paid off.

Central Combo

24cm Gourmet High
20cm Gourmet Low
20cm Gourmet High
24cm Gourmet Dome Fry Pan

from N$516 per month


Get a FREE 20cm Gourmet Super High & AMC Cookbook after the cookware is paid off.

Heritage Combo

24cm Gourmet Roaster
20cm Gourmet Low
20cm Gourmet High
30cm Gourmet Super High
24cm Gourmet Dome Fry Pan
Edge Knives (Complete Set )

from N$778 per month


Get a FREE 30cm Gourmet Paella & AMC Cookbook after the cookware is paid off.

Radiant Combo

24cm Gourmet High
24cm Gourmet Dome Fry Pan
24cm Gourmet Roaster
20cm Gourmet Low
30cm Gourmet Super High

from N$781 per month


Get a FREE 30cm Gourmet Paella & AMC Cookbook after the cookware is paid off.

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