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cleaning your AMC Cookware

Read the instructions carefully before cooking in your AMC for the first time. 

For easy cleaning, pour some water in your units after cooking to soften any food and leave to stand as needed.


Dry your cookware with a soft cloth to prevent watermark from froming. 


Before you use your AMC for the first time wash thoroushly in hot soapy water, rinse in clean water and dry with a soft cloth. This ensures that the protective wax coating applied to the cookware is removed. 


Washing in hot soapy water and a soft sponge is usually that is needed to keep our cookware clean.

AMC Cookware is dishwasher safe and we recommend using low temperature settings to avoid black Bakelite handles and dull. 

Warning : The prong, socket area and Electric Probe of electrified cookware should not be immersed in water when washing. 


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Caring for your AMC Cookware

We recommend using hot soapy water for cleaning the inside and outside of your cookware. For tough dirt and stains, use AMC Classic Cleaner only.

Don’t use :

stains on AMC cookware

and how to make them disapear

Watermarks can be wiped with a dammp cloth, then buffed with a soft cloth to restore original shine.

Lime scale could occur on the inside of cookware if the water in your area is hard. This can be cleaned off and does not affect the functioning of the cookware.

These stains can appear on the inside of a unit when starchy foods have been cooked. This is normal and not due to negligence or misuse. To remove the stains, pour a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar in the cookware once washed. Wipe with a paper towel or a cloth, then rinse and dry. 

Straw-coloured strains form if the cookware has been overheated. These are more difficult to remove. Try cleaning with our Classic Cleaner. Don’t scratch the stainless steel and never use steel wool when attempting to remove a stain.

If the outside of the base has turned a dark colour, this indicates that the cookware has been used over too high temperature or on a dirty stove-plate. Continual use under these conditions will cause a sticky layer to form on the base that’s difficult to clean. Try cleaning with our Classic Cleaner. 

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